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Man Of The Year – Lex McMahon

Man Of The Year – Lex McMahon

When the Nomination Board compiled a name of individuals for this award, they knew they had to think outside the cage for this one. Someone who is as equally active in the Florida MMA community, as well as out. Someone who is dedicated in making a difference not only in the sport but in the lives of the fighters they come across.

The Board members did their research, reviewed news articles, video clips, used social media spider crawls to search for specific “FLORIDA” based news in MMA. All the research brought them to one name that showed up repeatedly. Therefore, the board voted and it was unanimous.  The 2018 Man of the Year Award goes to Mr. Lex McMahon.

As COO and Match Maker of Titan FC, McMahon oversees day-to-day operations and is deeply involved with talent acquisition and relations.  Lex is known for creating meaningful opportunities for his athletes that raise overall brand profile, both within the world of MMA, as well as in mainstream consumer entertainment. Having managed over 40 world class fighters and champions and facilitating some of the largest deals in the industry, including a license rights deal between Titan FC and UFC.

But his work in the cage is not what got him this award. It was clear, that his work outside the cage is what got him recognized for this award. But if you know Lex, he’s not looking for recognition or the spot light, he just wants to make a difference no matter who’s looking.

His dedication, commitment and genuine concern for Veterans who have served our country is as equally impressive, then the numbers Titan FC were able to complete in 2018. McMahon currently serves on the Board of Directors for AHERO and The Sean Brock Foundation both organizations are non-profits focused on military veteran issues. McMahon served his country on the battlegrounds of Mogadishu, Somalia during two deployments while in the U.S. Marines in the early 1990’s.

The Florida MMA Awards would like to congratulate the COO of Titan, a wonderful Father, Husband, and over all a great man…Lex McMahon for being the precipitant of the Man Of The Year Award. 

Thank you for your service.