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Man Of The Year – Dean Toole

Anyone who truly follows the Mixed Martial Arts movement in Florida knows that there a few individuals who make it all happen. Names that frequently pop up in conversation when you talk about the growth of the sport in the Sate of Florida.

One of those name is Dean Toole. Dean has played an instrumental part in growing the sport of MMA in Florida, as well as the sport of Boxing. Dean is the CEO and Founder of Island Fights and Dean Toole Promotions.

From Square Ring Promotions to Dean Toole Promotions, from local exposure to UFC Fight Pass exposure, it tells the story on how Dean Toole has made a few moves to secure his page in the Florida MMA History Book!

On Feb 24, 2020, Dean Toole was awarded the “Man Of The Year” Award for 2019. We caught up with Frank Morejon, founder of the Florida MMA Award Show and asked about the award and it’s recipient.

Question: How is one nominated for the Man Of The Year Award?

Morejon: The award is not a nomination type of award. It is an award that is reviewed by five members of the FLMMA award committee. The people selected are those who have made an impact inside and outside the MMA cage. Once those names are selected, then the board reviews their resume for the entire year and votes on who the recipient of that award will be.

Question: So Dean Toole stood out amongst those that were evaluated?

Morejon: Absolutely! Dean has taken over, not just in MMA but in Boxing and Grappling events well. They are the only promotion to give you two events in one! I dont know of any other promotion that provides MMA and Boxing all in one night. I could be wrong, but you would have to prove to me that he is not the hardest working man in combat sports for the State of Florida.

Question: How did you and Dean meet or find out about Island Fights?

Morejon: I haven’t, I have not had the opportunity to meet him personally but its on my bucket list! I have heard nothing but great things about him and I think his track record speaks for itself. I have been following Island Fights for 9 years. As part of what we do, we follow promoters & fighters and collect stats for us to figure out the nomination part of the award ceremony. Its the performance of the promoter, as well as the fighter that gets them nominated.

Congratulations to Award Winner Dean Toole. We thank you for all the hard work you have put into making these events happen. We thank Dean for his commitment , dedication (and sacrifices) he has made along the way, to ensure that Florida stays on the map for combat sports. Congratulations on the Man Of The Year Award…well deserved!

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